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Remember, racial minorities cannot be racist and gays cannot commit sexual discrimination.
I haven't believed anything from NBC since they blew up the Chevy & GMC pick-ups with dual gas tanks. The way the "quoted" George Zimmerman's 911 call was just more of the same.
And in Viet Nam they were know as REMF's - Rear Echelon...you complete it.
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How To “Fix” The Super Bowl

BigBear Wrote: Feb 01, 2015 4:24 PM
The NFL has already decided that "L" would be too confusing. Next year will be Super Bowl 50. Go Hawks!
My dad's parents both came from Sweden in the early 1900's, from villages approximately 12 miles apart. They met in Seattle, married, and moved to Alaska where they raised two sons. I spent many hours talking with my grandfather about the early days in Alaska. When he spoke about people he had known and worked with, immigrants from various countries, he would describe them as: "Dieter, of German descent..." or "Patrick O'Leary, of Irish descent..." He was an American of Swedish descent -- not a Swedish-American. When the family took a trip back to Sweden when my dad was 4 years old, my dad spoke excellent Swedish. But he only spoke English by the time I was born.
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Guns In Bars

BigBear Wrote: Nov 25, 2013 4:20 PM
I also reacted to that statement. When I was an LEO, I did not leave the house without my Chief's Special - whether I was going to the store, going to work or going out on the town. Our chief "discouraged" us from carrying when drinking, but did not ban it. The chief in another city told his officers "the only time you will be without a weapon is if you are drunk, passed out and it has been stolen from you."
As Susiejg said, SNAFU dates back to WW2. During the Viet Nam era someone recognized that SNAFU was not adequate and the term we used was FUBAR - F---ed Up Beyond All Recognition. Sounds like ObumaCare to me.
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