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De Pasquale's Dozen With Dana Perino

Big Bass Man Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 10:47 AM
This is my favorite Dozen, officially now. I'm a big fan of the more wordy answers; those G. Gordon Liddy-esque monosyllabic replies are so passe! And Dana delivers with real 'what makes me tick' answers. Love it, love it, love it!!
Yep...He is so thin skinned, I'm surprised we cannot see his major organs and muscle mass, quivering just there, subcutaneously..
ElihuE, that's the advantage of cycling through as many freshmen Congressmen and Women as soon as we possibly can. The less exposure a person has had in that cesspool, the less skeletons there'll be gathering dust in their closets.
It's a natural progression from Janet "The Man" Reno, is all I can think.
There's a great idea, Michael, approach these thugs in any numbers whatsoever, and one or more of at least 3 things could happen; 1)more of their ilk appear from parked vehicles a block away, ready to fight with more than sticks, 2) they come out from inside of their coats with the firearms they very likely were concealing and start shooting, 3) the (seemingly) non-intimidated young woman in the background (who is with the thugs) calls 911, the police in that precinct have been notified by DOJ that anyone in brown skin is automatically a victim in any confrontation on that or any other day, and suddenly you have a dozen trigger-happy police swarming the schoolyard looking to take down anyone with a less than cocoa complexion.
I guess he had you at "The Godfather," Didn't he, Lisa? Good choice of interviewees, we need to hear more from the right out on the left coast!
All good answers, to be sure, and I like that his aspirations are rooted so far back in his life. But can't you poke these peoples with a stick or something, when they go all Ben Stein on us? I want to hear them expound, to elucidate, to enlarge upon the basic pro forma answers, get a little gabbier, y'know? You had one interviewee, last year, I cannot remember right now who it was, but this person really put a lot of thought into his or (her? probably his) answers. Then went the extra mile, gave you your money's worth, & we all loved it! Right? I speak for us all here? Maybe you could offer them a meal of some sort for loooonger replies?!! Most importantly, why was he in disguise???
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