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Notice the unhinged, hysterical hatred spewing forth from this demon BUT then multiply that millions-of-times to visualize the extent of the "culture" that agrees with her but grumbles silently or only among themselves. Kelly's point may have been to use this interview to illuminate the seething hatred boiling beneath the surface of normal social discourse.
That probably sounded really funny during last night's stoned circle-jerk at Simon's house. Nothing less than a public apology and immediate resignation or firing is acceptable now. Most disturbing of all, perhaps, is that there are scores of media-types like him and millions of fools who agree with his bitter view of America and his failed career.
Gosh, I bet Pres. Barry H.O. 's attitude about troops and militarized police would be quite different IF the rebellion was taking place in Washington, D.C. Then, those billions of rounds of ammo they've recently acquired would be put to use, for sure, and all of the rioting protesters declared "terrorists".
This is just more of the same warped train of thought I wrote about in my 1996 book: "Comrade Clinton: The President, the KGB & Tales of High Treason" wherein I quoted a Soviet KGB officer as claiming Christ was a Communist. The ability to warp any Christian concept into a Luciferic lie is what the Adversary is renowned for.
Wow. Who needs missile-packing drones when a million super-wasps can wipe out an infantry brigade?! Ya know darn well some fool somewhere is already figuring out how to militarize the little critters.Yikes.
All basically factual but some of us are still wondering about the correlation between one Ohio county going for Obama with a vote larger than the registered rosters and also being the home county of the Deputy Director of the CIA.
Exactly! That's what they called the Nazi Brownshirts and the Bolshevik Commies...We're here to inform you of your new non-status as citizens! Now, get in the boxcar.
Hey, I get this run from the toxin and forge something new and cleaner, BUT, I have discovered thru trial and much error that it's better and faster to fight from the inside. Tuck your elbows in and punch away, then ground and pound until victory is yours. That's how we're taking on/dealing with the Episcopal Church. Those of us with cetain vintage remember full well an honorable Republican Party that was both sophisticated, goodhearted and effective. Let us build on those foundations and scrape the weak from our midst as surely history and the people require of us.
How about "the grey wolves"? Those retired military and police veterans with grandchildren. Try messing with those guys and find justice quick-like. Just sayin'. Have a nice day.
There is no actual "protection" from tyranny, just the capability to resist it. The other 35% who don't see the 2nd as the American people's final protective fireline we call "slaves". Have a nice day.
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