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TIME's Joe Klein on Obamacare: "I Blame The President" For Failing To Communicate "The Things He Actually Gives People"

Big Al34 Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 3:41 AM
All you have to do to understand how little Obama understands the American way, American ambition and dreams, is look at what he does at every move. There has never been a more anti growth, anti business, anti liberty, anti individualist than Obama and his actions and the actions of his ilk, the Americanism loathing, colonialist paranoid, control freak Democratic leadership speaks much more loudly than anything they can say. They are saying every day, "we love big government because we can overpower everything in our path with it".... "we scorn the boldness of individuals because they will not bend to our standards of submission and of subservience to our way" This inconceivable lust for power governs Obamas every move.