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US Strategy in Mid East Pathetic Failure

Big_D_ Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 9:08 AM
"The too-clever-by-half US strategy is a pathetic failure." This is puzzling. In the US, the liberals (socialists) have used all manner of underhanded (read: dishonest) strategies to swing the election their way, and succeeded. How are they so dumb in the Middle East? Maybe they want the effort to fail.

North Korea: Update. News services reported that North Korea has begun fueling its three-stage rocket and should be ready to launch on Monday. If the rocket veers off course, every US and Allied navy is prepared to shoot it down.

Palestine State: Hamas' political leader, Khaled Meshaal arrived today in the Gaza Strip, his first visit. He kissed the ground on landing from Qatar. "There is a new mood that allows us to achieve reconciliation," Meshaal told the press in an interview last Friday from Qatar, where he has set up home since leaving...

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