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I have experience with one American automaker, and I suspect that their situation is similar in the others. The automakers supporting this regulatory tyranny primarily are avoiding dealership ill-will. The dealers can cause major headache for the factory if they are unhappy. In years past, attempts were made to bypass the dealer network for several reasons, chief among them--more competitive pricing, and less dependence on individual dealer practices which often were damaging to brand image. These attempts ultimately were abandoned, where costs piled up trying to maintain dealer peace. (Perhaps there was some retail competence at issue, too) The dealer organizations are all powerful, and basically control their own regulation in most states. It's just another example of the fungus of political cronyism eating away at our whole society. How do you get politicians to act with integrity? I wish I knew. This problem is far more serious than their inveterate lying, which you can simply recognize ("their lips are moving").
So here's the AG nominee until after the election. You has to wait and see what sort of Senate he has to deal with. If the socialists keep the Senate, he can nominate Bill Ayers, for example. If the GOP should muddle through and wrest control of the Senate, he'll have to nominate someone who has respect for the Constitution, the Oath and America. ("Damn").
"Gross Output" may be a useful Hayekian metric, but it is also a larger number than GDP, thus we can start saying "Anyway, the national debt is still LESS than the Gross Output...." and continue to delude ourselves.
What resume'? There is so much that is concealed about this person, and the vast majority of our media don't want to know the truth. Whatever it is.
You're saying: "We misunderstand (or deny) what the Founders intended while operating within the constraints of their society, and choose to harp on that lie to distract people from the abysmal failure that our 'improvements' to the Constitution have been."
Peter, really good list!! Thought provoking and prescient. However you missed at least two: 6. Energy. Global civilzation/well-being/prosperity/peace will advance or recede based on the availability of energy. Unless the current impediments to energy production are resolved, this will overwhelm all other factors...the unnecessarily deprived will not let the well-off off. Some energy sources touted today are worthless in the big picture: Puny, expensive, intrusive...wind, biomass, current solar. Fossil fuels are required until we succeed in large-scale nuclear beyond outmoded PWR, and space-based solar power. 7. Exploration/colonization of the solar system. The new horizon will spark human initiative, creativity and resilience. There will be immense economic, social and biological development. This revolution will be led by capitalists, not by governments. Look to SpaceX, MarsOne, Planetary Resources, Deep Space Industries, Virgin, to name a few.
I don't think our society/culture has the ability now to do what we did in the 60's at JFK's inspiration. Too divided, too self-absorbed, too political.
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The Latest War Will Not Be Free

Big_D_ Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 11:52 AM least it will be cheaper than Obamacare. [Note this is NOT a lie, as opposed to the lie used to "justify" the expense of Obamacare: "It will be cheaper than Bush's war."]
These lamebrains, if asked, "So we should really step up nuclear power development, because it is zero emission, cost-effective, safe and has a small footprint, right?", would recoil in horror, because they have also been duped into believeing that nuclear power is dangerous because of the "radiation". There are a few environmentalists that get it (e.g. Stewart Brand), but mostly they're clueless, and part of the problem.
I'll give that a try. Artists are primarily ruled by their feelings. Oh, wait, so are progressives. It is ironic that when they are trapped in a socialist progressive state, their feelings are to escape. But, oh, when in a free society, do they pine for the big socialist government that would provide for all the needy people, including themselves.
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Scrap Labor Day for 9/11 Day

Big_D_ Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 8:38 AM
For the most part, demonstrating how "labor" day has become in tune with the travesty that is our labor "unions", people are off celebrating the last gasp of summer and the inevitable start of the school year, and would generally ignore a solemn observance. Wait until the next attack, then establish a day for America to reflect on how craven politicians can delude us into supporting them through lazy selfish envy, or initiative- and self-esteem-destroying "empathy", or identity group division. ....that led us to ignore what 9/11 should have taught us, and allowed it to happen again. How about combining an observance of the evil of terrorism and our resilience to its mayhem with an observance of the significance and durability of our Constitution?
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