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Scrap Labor Day for 9/11 Day

Big_D_ Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 8:38 AM
For the most part, demonstrating how "labor" day has become in tune with the travesty that is our labor "unions", people are off celebrating the last gasp of summer and the inevitable start of the school year, and would generally ignore a solemn observance. Wait until the next attack, then establish a day for America to reflect on how craven politicians can delude us into supporting them through lazy selfish envy, or initiative- and self-esteem-destroying "empathy", or identity group division. ....that led us to ignore what 9/11 should have taught us, and allowed it to happen again. How about combining an observance of the evil of terrorism and our resilience to its mayhem with an observance of the significance and durability of our Constitution?
Obamacare was passed by a combination of lies, bribery and fiscal fiction. Even so, only democrats would vote for it. The fiscal fiction was that it would cost less than the Iraq war (nominally $1T). To achieve this deception, its promoters added all sorts of taxes, fees, penalties and other gobble-de-gook (such as collecting tax, but providing no service for the first 3 of the 10 year horizon). I don't think the perpetrators cared how much of the hypothetical revenue would be foregone, or how disruptive the piecemeal retractions would be. Some have already occured by fiat ("executive orders"). Speaking of executive orders, not to worry, there will soon be one to exempt democrats from the "claw-back".
...so the GOP is against it? does that mean the democrats are for it? Is "financing a refinery" in Turkey at all islamic? Who is MOST responsive to K street? Here's something positive about EX-IM: Unlike the IRS, unlike the VA, unlike the DO"J", they did something about some internal illegal activity. ...though it probably wasn't politically motivated and thus not justified. Anyway, let the turkey (i.e. the crony bureaucracy, not the country) expire.
Scared--once you start down the slippery slope, it's too hard to go back. Obama got away with it. No court is going to enforce the Constitution after the fact, given it would create TURMOIL. So I guess Rubio and Cruz have no problems...ha.
I'm sure that this--now proven--illegal action will result in some consequences for the perpetrator. NOT. Turns out the NLRB is at full force, the liberals having replaced all their illegally appointed stooges with legally appointed stooges. All that's left is millennia of court challenges to the actions taken by the illegal NLRB. It would be a great service to the USA for all of those actions to be vacated en masse, and save billions in legal costs. As long as we're talking blanket legal action, how about stopping ridiculous individual hearings for 360,000 backlogged cases of ILLEGAL entry to the USA?
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Obama Gets GDP Bassackward

Big_D_ Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 10:03 AM
The -2.9% is good news to the communists...when the next quarter is +0.2%, they can say: "Look, the GDP is up by OVER THREE POINTS!!". Of course, when then they adjust it to -1.7%, it will get far less attention.
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Uncle Sam Needs DREAMers

Big_D_ Wrote: May 23, 2014 9:21 AM
I'm sure the majority of "DREAMers" are just like Ana--overstayed visas, overlooked in granting permanent status, entire rest of family legal, productive non-citizen. NOT. This foisting a far outlier as an example is grist of the liberals' mill, Linda. What are you thinking? Without doubting the plight of the "DREAMers", and fully recognizing that I become a juicy TARGET for the left, I say NO because all this DREAM shyt merely is a new INCENTIVE for illegal immigration. ...and what is missing in this whole debate is enough emphasis on eliminating all the incentives that exist for illegals--birthright citizenship, chain migration, jobs, entitlements, sanctuaries, porous borders, lax interior enforcement. And, yes, we CAN trust Obama--to ignore the laws and the Constitution as far as his lawyers think he can get away with..and then a little more.
Depending on how many stupid liberals there are, Sergio may have to drop the price in order to sell enough to meet the mandate--and lose even more. One would hope that sooner or later the technology would permit a competitive vehicle--without subsidies. Of course, the govt plan is for fossil fuels to become so expensive that the 500e is competitive. At that point the "rebounding economy" will be in full flower, right? Of course, the govt has yet to require the vehicles to be amphibious, on account of rising sea levels.
It all hinges on what the meaning of "REFORM" is. Unfortunately, "reform" is another word that the political hyperhype has totally demolished. Just like Obamacare is "Health Care Reform", the regime's "immigration reform" is merely a tool to further their political power objectives. If there is to be true immigration reform, championed by the GOP, it will be necessary to succeed in separating their "reform" from the democrats "reform". ..and the democrats want to have nothing of it. There are plenty of reasons to rationize the use of immigration and work visas to bolster US businesses. The only way to stem the tide of illegal immigration is to remove the incentives. The incentives that must be removed are: Birthright citizenship (which is NOT a constitutional right, or actually a "right" at all) Chain migration Entitlements for illegals Jobs for illegals Sanctuary cities Political posturing encouraging illegal immigration in anticipation of amnesty Unenforcement of our borders and our visas
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