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All-Time All-Stars

trailbee Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 11:19 PM
For the last couple of months I have been borrowing/returning/borrowing/returning Basic Economics from my County Library, because someone else was also reading this book. We are allowed to keep it for 3 weeks at a time, but because I was also reading several other books, I could not get it finished in the allotted time. A week or so ago, as I was in my car, waiting for my husband, I came across the Ted Williams stat and the "rule" for picking batters and who follows whom. I had never thought of it before, because I sort of gloss over the chit chat. I have watched every game since then. :) This op-ed was a wondrous gift. Thank you, Dr. Sowell! AND Ditto to Torr!
Nothing is likely to get an argument started among sports fans faster than attempts to name the all-time greatest in any sport, or even the all-time greatest in a particular aspect of a sport. However, in baseball, we can at least narrow down the list of possibilities -- considerably, in fact -- when it comes to hitting.

Who was the all-time greatest hitter?

A lot depends on how much weight you give to batting average versus power hitting. But it would be hard to consider someone for the title of the all-time greatest hitter if someone else had both a higher lifetime batting...