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Predictable Pope-Smearing Ensues

Bickerisquicker Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 1:37 AM
I don't need a BC for his kid, ever. We were talking about if you could get one, and you can. You can get mine as well, if you have some basic information which LB doesn't because I don't discuss my Personal Life here.

I am not a Catholic, but I find the concerted efforts to smear various Popes to be disgusting and contemptible.  In the case of Pope Francis, according to the Vatican, anti-clerical left-wing outlets are trying to accuse him -- without any evidence -- of wrongdoing during the reign of a military junta from 1976-1983.  

Left-wingers in the United States responded predictably, with Michael Moore tweeting out a picture later revealed as a hoax, purportedly of Pope Francis offering communion to an Argentine dictator (to his credit, Moore issued a correction).

It should be obvious that the attacks have...