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Slandering Muhammad Is Not a Crime

Bible Thumper Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 1:08 AM
The First Amendment does not need any apology. If someone does not like what I say, then they can state such, but they have no right to riot and destroy or murder anyone. That is what Obama should have said and nothing else. He should also have given our ambassador real security or not allowed him to enter that death trap which he knew about. The buck stops there at the Oval office and the desk of the President and if Obama has not learned this by now, he has no reason to be in the office.

Addressing the U.N. General Assembly last week, President Barack Obama tried to explain this strange attachment that Americans have to freedom of speech. He was handicapped by his attraction to a moral principle whose dangers the journalist Jonathan Rauch presciently highlighted in his 1993 book, "Kindly Inquisitors": "Thou shalt not hurt others with words."

During the past few weeks, the widespread, often violent and sometimes deadly protests against "Innocence of Muslims," a laughably amateurish trailer for a seemingly nonexistent film mocking the Prophet Muhammad, have demonstrated the alarming extent to which citizens of Muslim countries -- including peaceful moderates,...