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A Racial Revolution?

bible1st Wrote: May 19, 2012 10:29 AM
Mr. Sowell is correct in his understanding that liberals will eventually breed themselves into the majority vote. That has been the idea for a long time. The funny part is that they are just putting the noose over their own necks. When they finally succeed in giving the government the power they desire, the government will use that power to take away every freedom the liberals that voted for them have today. Ohhh the irony. An old wisdom comes to mind, with a twist: Ohh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to be stupid.
he has no chance of being the nominee either. It is disappointing to me as well, but I would rather have Romney than Obama.
Mr. Smith. Though I agree with your statement, the choice is plain. It is either Obama or Romney. To chose another candidate, and thereby allow Obama to be reelected, is what I refer to as "Cutting off your own nose to spite your face". If you would rather have Obama just to keep from accepting the Rep. nominee, Ok. It is your demise as well as his. The simple fact is that Ron Paul, though he has some great ideas, is not capable of winning in a general election against Obama or Romney. If you are unwilling to accept that truth, well...., I don't know what to tell you. I am not trying to be insulting or arguementative. I am just trying to face the truth. My favorite candidate is Gingrich, but I have to accept the apparent fact that...
1st off, why are you shouting? Did I hit a nerve? Sorry, didn't mean to. And, If you read all of what I wrote, you will see that I agree with you on the morality issue. Or, maybe you can't. Let me spell it out for you so you can understand. I--A-G-R-E-E--W-I-T-H--Y-O-U--O-N--T-H-E--M-O-R-A-L-I-T-Y--I-S-S-U-E. You know, just because we don't agree on everthing, doesn't mean that we disagree on everything.
I agree. LTJLC never said anything about punishing the young people if they did not agree with him. That is the tactic of the Liberal Left. "Do as we say or we'll fine, charge, criminalize, jail, persecute, slander, financially ruin, and do God only knows what else to you if you don't." On the other hand, conservatives believe in informing people of the truth and allowing them to make up their own minds at the polls.
In all fairness, I should add that the candidate didn't seem to want to discuss the "moral" issue of the constitutional authority by which the Fed says it has the right to set said value on our labor. I understand the question of "Where does the constitution give the Fed the moral authority to determine the value of my labor." That is a good question, and one the candidate didn't seem to want to discuss.
BrotherWinstonSmith, I don't know how you got that understanding from that interview. I don't necessarrily believe that Adam was trying to trick the candidate into a certain conversation, I think Adam just got in over his head and does not understand the difference between the responsibility of the Treasury and the Federal Exchange. There is a difference between who prints the money and who determines the value of that money. They are two different things and that is what Adam didn't seem to understand. I enjoyed the interview, but I saw no malice or bad intent on the part of either participant.
And before all the young people jump on me as a "worn out old fart", remember, I used to be young too. I know how young people act and think because I have not forgotten my "I know, I can do it on my own" youth as well.
The problem with young voters is that they usually vote with their hearts instead of their heads. That is until it turns around and bites them in the butt. It is a symptom of youth rebellion. Young people usually learn from their mistakes instead of the experiences and wisdom of older people. They want to feel like they are going their own way instead of bowing to wiser, more experienced, leadership. One of the results of this mentality is that their mistakes effect the whole country when it comes to supporting bad leaders. Obama is energetic and charismatic. That appeals to young people. Unfortunately, that is about all the positive characteristics he possess when it comes to leadership.
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No More "Mr. Obama Is a Nice Guy"

bible1st Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 12:23 PM
A few small truths that conservatives know: 1-Smiling while lying does not make you honest. 2-Appearing relaxed while throwing a "mentor" under the bus because they are an embarrassment does not make it ok. 3-Using devisive and hateful speach while condemning others for it makes you a hypocrit. 4-Ignoring truth and distracting from it does not make it go away. 5-Running from responsibility does not excuse you from it. 6-Pretending to like Latinos while giving drug dealers guns in order to murder them does not make you trustworthy. These are just a few. There are many more that will be revealed as the election unfolds.
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