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The Real Lessons of Ferguson

bible1st Wrote: Nov 27, 2014 8:14 AM
What really amazes me, in that people can be so blind and stupid, is that so many white people who are against racism actually voted for the most racist family on the ballot. Anybody who doesn't have their head stuck up their ___ can see that Barak and Michele are extremely prejudiced people. Not only against white people but against America as well. They have both stated it openly on several occasions.
I agree. As a white male I try very hard not to be racist. But incidents like this make it very dificult not to feel animosity against black people who obviously have no respect for the rule of law or other's hard earned living.
Ain't you heard? It's the "White Man's" fault.
The city of Ferguson and the state of Missouri should gather all the names of those in the media and any "black leaders" (All Sharpton) that spread lies in order to fan the flames and sue them for the expense of property damage to the city and for the cost of calling out the national guard. They are all in it for the money so hit em where it hurts, in the wallet.
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