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MSNBC: Nobody Needs Your Hurricane Donations Mitt Romney

bhowell Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 2:39 PM
As someone who lives with the threat of hurricanes constantly you'd think the Holier Than Thous would welcome help no matter who it came from. Never do I want a hand out but a hand up. Leave it to a bunch of hypocrites to spoil acts of kindness. It's a proven fact who supports the Current Administration and who doesn't. When the Holier than Thous sit back and sit on their thumbs and expect a handout you can bet your last dollar that it's in their genes. I was taught at a young age that my purpose in life was to help and not hinder. Say what you will but when adults teach other adults the finer acts of taking advantage of another that's just wrong. It's that type of thing that's made this Nation the Gimme Gimme You Owe Me Nation that it is.

Yesterday Mitt Romney turned a previously scheduled campaign event in Ohio into a hurricane relief event. Romney asked supporters to bring canned goods and other supplies to help storm victims recover on the East Coast. He only spoke for ten minutes at the event and quickly jumped in to help load supplies. His campaign bus has been accepting hurricane relief donations since Monday in Northern Virginia. Sounds like a great idea right? Not according to MSNBC. Reporters and anchors at the far-left TV outlet were appalled at Romney's efforts to give back to the community, after all, his charity and...