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Medicaid Plan Shows that Obama’s an Enemy of the Poor

bhowell Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 11:28 PM
As a medical assistant and patient I've seen abuse on both sides of the fence and what the Fearless One's attempting to do with Medicare and Medicaid will hit those that fall between the cracks the hardest and the abusers will continue to abuse the system. For what it's worth kenaidfarah, you can't sit back and accuse the Republicans of anything without pointing a finger at the Democrats as well. The American People are the ones who has caused this Country to go under because of their I'm doing better than my neighbor attitude. Sorry to blow up your bubble and burst it but how many times have you seen someone go thru garbage cans to get something to eat, how many times have you been in an area where theres been a Cat 5 Hurricane?
bhowell Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 11:31 PM
How many times have you had to go without a roof over your head? Reason I ask these ?s is because I've been there and seen it 1st hand and it's not pretty. Now ppl will have to try anything they can not to get sick just so they can live.
As in so much else, Progressives hold an outdated conception of the debate over entitlements. They conceive it as the Left supporting generous entitlements for seniors and the poor with no questions asked, no obligations expected, versus the right supporting no safety net at all, let private charity handle it, and if some of the poor have to starve, and some of the sick suffer or die without health care, because private charity is inadequate, so be it.

But modern, free market conservatives have built on Hayek's recognition that social safety nets are not inconsistent with free markets, and just...