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Obama's Lincoln Presumption

bhobby Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 4:39 AM
sorry .. this time Obama is the Confederate. Thinking the Power of the state trumps that of the Individual. well it doesn't. Obama has no right to make Slaves of everyone. and we have every right to Resist that enslavement. granted it didn't start with Obama.. but the Course this "Democracy" is going sure isn't changing... he is still bombing muslims,being buddy with Jews, and turning America into a Zionist Police State. he ignores the 1st Amendment. and cuts Public School funding while the DHS handed security grants to Jewish Schools. he bombs Libya saying "the People" he Runs guns to cartels and talks gun control.. he runs around lobbying to bomb Syria and yet Israel has been killing Civilians for a long long time.
I don't support Israel.. or world Jewry for that matter.. but being armed is a Human Right and there is no reasonable excuse as to why a serial killer should be able to walk room to room killing people.. its like the Unarmed Palestinians killed by jewish terrorist.. it just shouldn't happen.. they should of been armed, but the British still to this day thing disarming people is the answer.. in british run Hong Kong.. they banned Kung Fu to solve Crime.. did it? i think the "Chinese" Mafia would say it helped them.. as everyone who wanted to enjoy the Liberty of being armed, was forced to be a Criminal.
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Do Gun Buyback Programs Work?

bhobby Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 1:14 AM
as more and more children are forced to take ADHD medication. we will see more and more of this type of stuff.. have you ever stopped to research just how many Drugs are causing Suicide,Death.. have you heard the commercials? "if you have taken this drug and suffered DEATH, please contact the law firms of xxx" "if you take this drug and suffer death. please contact your doctor immediately" Bet you anything the Kid was taking Drugs, Prescribed to him by a Doctor.
Anarchist are those who don't believe in Laws. the Law is whatever the mob says it is.. that is Anarchy. or Democracy. i believe in a Republic where Laws state what the Government can't do .. Like Protest Permits, Free Speech Zones, etc etc etc.. you are of the ilk. that says. "the government has nukes so they make the rules" i happen to be a Republican. and i don't care how Mighty the British army is .. me and my rifle are ready and willing to take them on. using your house as Cover. should they resort to bombing people. you are going to lose yourby Defualt.
that is not true. FDR rounded up Japanese and put them in Concentration Camps. not only can an Executive Order take all your Property it can take your Freedom. be ready to Fight on your Feet or Cry on your Knees. History Repeats itself again.
the Food Stamp President takes aim at Another American Industry with his Job Killing Gun.
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