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Yo, Marin. "Just like the handgun used to kill that 14-year-old girl once was. Legal." Here's a clue: It is not 'legal' for 14-year-olds to possess handguns, and it is not 'legal' to shoot someone with the sole exception of stopping them from committing a violent felony. Since the overwhelming, vast, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious majority of adults who keep and bear handguns do not commit violent felonies, you haven't the legitimate power to deny them their rights because an infinitesimal percentage of the population does. Here's another clue: Wilson was wrong. Individual rights trump government primacy.
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The “Assault Weapon” Rebellion

bhirsh Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 1:30 PM
You're right. Smugness is inappropriate. However, two things are worthy of note: 1) There are 80+ million gun owners in America; if only 10% of them took up arms, that is a militia of EIGHT MILLION, and the government is all-too-aware of that. 2) Although there are undoubtedly other factors at work, Bunkerville facially illustrated the principle of the Second Amendment at work.
If this isn't wild-eyed rabid totalitarian thought, then nothing is.
As long as the people of RI (and NY, NJ, CT, MA etc.) are so STOOPID as to elect Democrats, they inherit the corrupt government they DESERVE. The unfortunate collateral damage is to those patriots who wouldn't vote for a Democrat if their daughter's life depended on it. You know. REAL Americans....?
There should be no prohibition against drinking in moderation while carrying. The same standard should apply as that of DUI.
"And the most important reality right now is that if you won’t stand up with a rifle and a fixed bayonet and hold your ground, sooner or later you will be someone’s slave." And that goes DOUBLE viz the people and their own government.
These people should be relegated to the insignificant margins into which their political opinions place them, and the rest of us should go on with our lives of liberty as if they don't exist.
PRIME that pump, you liberal a-hole.
"...the state no longer deserves his companies hard earned tax dollars." You need a new editor. "...the state no longer deserves his company's hard earned tax dollars." Please. This is grade school stuff.
"The result was years of public policy designed specifically to crush individual freedom." Urban Syndrome. "I think there are times when we should infringe on your freedom." - Michael Bloomberg
It won't get anywhere this time, either. If it should reach the floor, it will be open to amendments. I propose they add a provision that parents must notify the school 30 days before enrollment if they are homosexual. The hue and cry would make our point FOR us.
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