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Why are the people who are most critical of the actions of soldiers during a war always someone who has never been involved in a war? They are ignorant fools. I was married to a 3-time Vietnam War veteran and from Mei Lei to the end of the war I heard about atrocities that were committed by the enemy. Yet, those soldiers who fought in that war were spit on and persecuted by civilians who had no part whatsoever in those horrors of war. Far as I'm concerned, none of us has the right to criticized what our soldiers are ordered to do in a war as, to put it simply, we were not there.
So, how much war time has Mr. Moore served? NOBODY, if they have never fought in a war has any right whatsoever to criticize those who did for how they fought. Just ask any Vietnam vet who can tell of the horrors like little children being strapped with bombs for the sole purpose of blowing up GI's. Ask about the hidden ground bombs, the snipers, and many other horrors that happens in nearly every war. Mr. Moore and others like him who have not "walked the walk" need to keep their opinions to themselves and show respect for any veteran who served in a war.
Every country in the world should draw their lines in the sand in order to put the radical Islamists, and other religions in their place. While we enjoy our right to freedom of religion, we do not have a right to impose our beliefs on others. Our freedom of religion does not give us the right to violate existing laws, or the right to hold religious members hostage to their religion. We have allowed groups like the Amish to practice their beliefs but their people volunteer to live that particular life. However, young people who choose to leave pay a heavy price to do so. The obnoxious behavior of the Westboro Baptist Church was reigned in only slightly in an effort to stop them from disturbing the funerals of military members. Radical Islamists are the most dangerous of the religions at this time and our government needs to set some strict guidelines for all religions that will not be accepted and if violations occur, the offenders will either be heavily fined, or they would be jailed. Freedom of religion is a privilege and a right, but, unfortunately, like any other right, the abusers force us to take action to not only protect our rights, but keep others from abusing them. The government needs to make this a priority as the radicals are working in every country in an attempt to control every government. I pray to God that somebody has the intelligence to see what is happening and put a stop to it before it reaches us on a more personal level.
As a Christian, I feel this teacher was out of line but did not deserve to be fired. Suppose a Mormon was handing out the Book of Mormon at school? Or a Jew was handing out the Torah? A Muslim giving out the Quran? And so it goes with our freedom of religion. We have no choice but to share this liberty with all religions which is why religion needs to be kept out of schools. There are some solutions but I doubt our leaders have enough common sense to accept any suggestion that lowly people like us may impose.
First of all, define "rape" an "sexual assaut". These terms are being thrown around loosely and irresponsily not just in colleges but in the military as well. I cannot fathom how it is that a man and woman are partying, get drunk and/or high, have sex, then when they sober up the man is accused of rape. The excuse is that the woman was too drunk to consent to sex. However, the man was also drunk but he is held fully responsible. I have three daughters and one son, seven granddaughters and two grandsons. Naturally I would not want my girls raped or sexually assaulted but even more, I don't want any of my boy unfairly accused by a woman who does not want to take any responsibility for her own actions. Laws regarding rape and sexual assault are in dire need of being reformed so everyone involved are treated fairly.
I am disgusted that many prominent blacks (like Al Sharpton) refuse to accept the facts of this case. I'll be the first one to concede that some cops are too quick to use their guns but then, I'm not walking in their shoes when it happens. But I find it even more irritating that those who continue to call this a racist issue absolutely refuse to address the issue that police face a hostile and disrespectful public (like Michael Brown) who refuse to obey orders. Why aren't these facts being addressed? Why aren't young people taught to simply obey police officer orders? All Michael Brown had to do was get out of the street like he was ordered to do by Officer Wilson. But nobody wants to address his bad behavior which resulted in his death.
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Black Thugs Aren't Black Heroes

bhathaway Wrote: Nov 19, 2014 2:49 PM
I've long been a fan of other black folks like Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and many others too numerous to mention. Why aren't the intelligent, educated ones like yourself given more attention? I believe you have clearly stated some of the reasons for this and it's because our government is deliberately trying to hide the intelligent blacks choosing to focus on the thugs because that serves their ultimate purpose. Thanks Mr. Jackson for such a well written article. Now, I'm one of your fans too.
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Are New Ferguson Riots Inevitable?

bhathaway Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 5:53 PM
Whether Officer Wilson reacted appropriately, or was too hasty in shooting and killing Michael Brown, NOTHING JUSTIFIES the abhorrent behavior of those who looted and rioted in the aftermath of the shooting. Fortunately, these ignorant thugs do not represent the majority of a hard working, honest, law-abiding black population. It is even more disgusting that our President and other well known leaders have given their blessing for this obscene behavior prodding them to continue if they do not get the outcome they desire, which seems to be the lynching of Officer Wilson. I believe the police should pull out of Ferguson, warn citizens who do not wish to be harmed to also leave Ferguson, then have the National Guard on hand to arrest, and jail those who insist on breaking the law. The ignorant thugs do not realize they are setting back race relations by a few decades and they have plenty of help in doing so.
The employees that need to be removed will stay as they have learned to work the system to their advantage without being productive. The government tried, with Civil Service Reform, to get rid of worthless employees but it never did work. Even when an employee was fired they managed to return with reinstated benefits. As usual, the government is going to talk big and bold, throw some more money at the VA, and hire some more doctors but very little will change as incompetence is rife throughout that system, employees are poorly trained, and there are no checks and balances to keep employees working efficiently. That's because nobody talks to any of us who worked in the "trenches" at the VA and can provide a LOT of input regarding improvements that would not cost billions. I retired from the VA as an Administrative Officer and worked at one time as Supervisor in the Ambulatory Care Walk in clinic, and worked in every department in the VA. I was a Union Official for several years before going into management. My own husband died in that VA in 2004 and even that was screwed up by staff but I chose not to pursue it as my husband would have died anyway. Our government needs to quit talking to the directors because most of them don't have a clue how things work at any VA. They need to talk with some of the more competent, experienced employees to get a true picture of what goes on there and can most likely give some good suggestions for improvement. The improvements being made now are going to be temporary, cost a lot of money, and eventually will fail as they will still not get to the root of many of the problems.
I am appalled that it was suggested a person should consult an attorney regarding Social Security benefits. These benefits were not supposed to make large Law Firms wealthy which is what is happening now. Eligibility for benefits should be clear enough that an attorney should not be required. Why is it that a person can apply for benefits, get denied, hire an attorney and get those same benefits? Our tax dollars have been hijacked by a seriously flawed system that is depriving all of us out of future benefits. Disability benefits are being blatantly abused by so many that it is common knowledge that one can be "disabled" for vague back pain, mental conditions, depression, etc. This is what needs to be examined and fixed but it is being overlooked by everyone. I am disgusted by the incompetence of our lawmakers who have allowed these things to happen.
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