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Teaching Economics

bhan999 Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 3:16 PM
The ultimate argument on deficit spending is: If we can, willy-nilly, finance 40% of Federal spending by borrowing, why not cancel the US tax code, free us all from the tyranny of the IRS and finance 100% of Federal expenditures? Then, rather than giving the deficit as a gift to the bankers as free money, why not just print enough currency to cover the deficit, put the US Treasury back in control of the money supply, and close down the Fed? At least the Treasury is subject to the whims of someone who can be replaced on a regular basis (The President) as opposed to some unconstitutional "independent agency".
Having taught economics at a number of colleges for a number of years, I especially welcomed a feature article in the June 22nd issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education, on how economics courses with the same name can be very different at different colleges. It can also be very different when the course is taught by professors in the same department who have different approaches.

The usefulness of the three approaches described in the article depends on what the introductory course is trying to accomplish.

One professor taught the subject through a steady diet of mathematical models. If the introductory economics course...