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Republicans Hope, but Don't Change

bhall853 Wrote: Aug 19, 2012 4:55 PM
The problem is that all of the talk about fiscal responsibility is purely political posturing. How about a simple, businesslike approach: an across-the-board reduction in SPENDING by 2% annually for the next 5 years. Not 10% all at once. 2% annually for 5 years. Let each department determine how to absorb the cuts... either through better auditing, better planning, or through better management... I like the last part. But we mean REAL CUTS, NOT CUTTING ESTIMATED INCREASED SPENDING. Let the GAO and a consortium of private accounting firms be the watchdogs. Then we can see where the wheels are squeaking the loudest after 5 years.

For much of the past few generations, the debate over balancing the federal budget has been a central feature of every presidential campaign. But over time, the goalposts have moved. As the amount of red ink has grown steadily larger, the suggested time frames to restore balance have gotten increasingly longer, while the suggested cuts in government spending have gotten increasingly shallower. In recent years, talk of balancing the budget gave way to vague promises such as "cutting the deficit in half in five years." In the current campaign, however, it appears as if the goalposts have been moved so far...