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so do I Keith then we could vote the commie bastards out of office.
Does Virginia have an avenue for citizens to file charges as opposed to government officials and can they take it directly to a grand jury?
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Civil War Lurking in Ukraine?

bhale552 Wrote: Feb 28, 2014 8:49 AM
You mean Russian Ukraine war. Russia has a history of invading countries who turn an eye toward the west, remember Georgia.
Biden is right hatred of cheaters, liars and thieves something the Democratic Party has become on a grand scale. Even the Democrats demand ID for almost all their functions, to get in to the Justice Department they demand an ID. I guess these orgs. are haters too. The only reason they don't want voter ID laws is so they can continue election fraud. They have been doing it for decades and it is the only way they can compete because there message is message of failure. Personal failure and a big government that promises to make up for all your bad decisions on the backs of those that didn't, not a safety net a way of life hundreds of thousands on the public dole.
Daddy Obama said lie like a dog to get elected then do as you please when in office. Remember you can always deny it, lie about it, blame someone else or just ignore the outrage.
That's the point O is trying to elicit a reaction (hopefully violent) to justify an armed response that will spiral out of control and require marshal law to be enacted in the name of law and order. This will open up to confiscations and right curtailment and his reign will truly begin.
Who gives a rat a. She voted for it and now needs to be shown the door. Voting on something without knowing what's it it is reason enough to be fired.
The Lyin King is an idiot puppet, he must check with his string pullers before he acts or maybe this was their answer... stall.
Does she mean the struggle with telling the truth, abandoning her children or adultery?
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A Misbegotten and Shameful Handshake

bhale552 Wrote: Dec 11, 2013 8:03 AM
A fool and his credibility are soon parted.
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