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I wish my first reaction could have been anything other than "CNN? Forget it."
Oh, but let me help you! Right Wing: Cares about America. Wants to see it respected and influential in the world. ISIS: Hates America. Wants to see it annihilated. Right Wing: Mocked by Obama, and the MSM, who hate it for what it stands for ISIS: Intimidates Obama and the MSM, who go along with what it stands for, because EVIL CRUSADES!
Yes. But that is likely to be pretty rare. The Democrats are usually pretty solid at voting as a bloc. I will be waiting to see how deep the Republican resolve goes, or if they will fold, cry, and concede the war if they lose a battle.
After six years of giving in to Obama, and even stumping for the things he wants passed (ref the cromnibus bill in November), it's going to take a lot more than this to generate any kind of trust or confidence in Congress again. It's a first step; it's good to see the Republicans wake up, realize they do have some power now, and can displaying some backbone in the right direction for a change, but it's still just a first step. We all know that even if it passes the Senate, it will be vetoed. So the question is not only will they pass a good bill, but also, how will they react when Obama shoots it down? Will they keep the heat on and keep passing good bills, or will they cry, pick up their ball, and go home, because that mean Obama just won't play with them? That is the real question I'd like to see answered.
The point I was trying to make was how screamingly biased the AP articles are, that you can judge them just by the words in the first sentence. Obviously I failed, because I read too fast and misses the byline bit. I still think the point is valid, all the same. (And I am a she.)
Because I'd just woken up and was skimming the article.
(And not by seeing the (AP), I only saw that now.)
H! I'm getting good - I knew it was an AP article by the time I finished the first sentence!
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Anti-Christian Activist: God Raped Mary

bhagen Wrote: Jan 05, 2015 8:30 AM
In a word... disgusting.
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9 Fights You'll See In Washington Next Year

bhagen Wrote: Dec 26, 2014 12:46 PM
Yes, well, its'a nice thought, but we all know the Republicans won't fight for anything. Under Boehner in the House and McConnell in the Senate, the vast majority of them will happily roll over and show their stomaches to whatever Obama wants. They have no backbone, except when it comes to stifling the few Republicans who do have guts to fight.
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