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There They Go Again

bhagen Wrote: 11 hours ago (12:11 PM)
...and no one will remember the name of Raphael Lataster. Truthfully, I'd forgotten it by the end of the article!
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Sharpton Does Program Upside Down

bhagen Wrote: Nov 06, 2014 10:52 PM
Airing your program upside down is a sign of distress. Someone get the poor man a cookie.
What he should do in response is put up a lot of similar signs, featuring more famous people who are known to carry, and become just one person in a crowd of signs.
That's a beautiful strawman you built there! Shame if anything happened to it!
And it's a sign of the times that I feel like even posting the little I did could cause trouble. :(
Hmm. The military installation I work at, which will go unnamed, is having a catered summer celebration soon. Lo and behold, the caterer is Chik-Fil-A. I guess they should force the organizers, and anyone who dares to take a bite of the (very tasty) eviiiil chicken, out of the service!
'including yours and that blubbering potty-mouth brother of yours'... 'sniveling, whining children having temper tantrums.'... 'the personal insults the Cons heap on to anyone who doesn't think as they do, it's the Cons who look corrupt'... Let's think about that for a moment. DoctorX, heal thyself. Or 'no one [will take] you seriously.'
By the end of the first paragraph, I knew it had to be an AP article. Sure enough...
The Supreme Judge has already handed down His verdict, a long time ago. In the end, that verdict outweighs any of these federal judges, regardless how much they may think of themselves.
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