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Of Mitts and Muslims

bgmk Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 12:31 PM
The McBeth reference is worth 100 points on the "Official Big Mick 'Name that Classic Allusion" Scoring List" ,Lizbeth. You loose a few points for not naming the character speaking the line, McDuff in this case. But you get em back for the notes on "fell" and "kite". Ties you for First with 8 scorers on the board in this the 3rd Incarnation of the OBMSL. "The Classic Quotation is the parole of Literary Men [and women] all over the World." Samuel Johnson

Dear Mitt: Despite the fact that I really do not trust or respect you, I have decided to give you some free political advice. I do it for two reasons: First, I would rather have a president I do not really trust (you) than one I actually despise (Obama). Second, the advisors and spokesmen you are paying are doing a woefully inadequate job of directing your campaign. Let me give you a couple of examples.


After the Chick-fil-A scandal consumed the country for weeks on end, you stated that you wanted to stay out of the controversy...