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Anybody see where a couple of Pharaoh BO's minions were in on that Secret Service to da Columbian HOs scandal? I'd wonder if they weren't the "advance party" for Secret Servicing Barry, but if that was the case they'd be checking out Bacha Bazi boys.
ROFL. We'll see in NOVEMBER won't we Dtee? It would be surprising that a guy whose failed this badly to produce ANYTHING he promised would be given a second chance to eff up. But didn't someone once say you'll never go broke betting on the stupidity of the American Voter?
ROFL. That anything like the "real" Birth Certificate, DoDa?
What a HOOT! Now that they've been shown to be mean spirited LIARS we are getting Butt Butt Butt outa the Buttmonkies like DotDash. The only thing funnier is the "damage done" "weak candidate" "the GOP is toast" spinning of the likes of Aura the Oral and Judge Drrod. I scent panic in the air. They are beginning to sound like the guys "whistling past the grave yard." Me, I'm basking in the glow of Win-Win, either Pharaoh BO gets thrown out and the Trolls HOWL, or my fellow dumbcits get their desired Sloppy Seconds of BlackBO buttrape and American Revolution v3.0 comes that much closer.
What was it that you commiequeers used to say about BlackBO's "Birth Certificate" "nothing he produces will satisfy you." And wasn't BlackBerry "brilliant" for handling HIS documents pretty much the way Mitt did? God what a mean spirited little Hypocrite you are rumpapubis.
Where are all the Trolls who were so sure Mitt was hiding something?
To Parsen on BlackBerry's Indonesia Days. I'm most fascinated by the fact that BlackBo's Mananny went on to join a QueerDance Troupe as a Bacha Bazi boy.
Time to Man Up and Apologize Dingy Harry.
well played, FC
DK (aka Mypussishell) might want to ponder the reality (can she PERCEIVE reality?) that the Most Politically Advanced among us are NOT LOOKING for the second coming of Ronald Reagan so much as the second coming of John Adams, Tom Jefferson, Patrick Henry....or maybe to speak complete Truth--ETHAN ALLEN, The Green Mountain Boys and The Sons of Liberty. The Observant Student will note there is NOTHING LEFT of the "Reagan Revolution" or "The Contract With America" so who cares what RR DID past tense? The Thoughtful Student will ponder what that implies for the FUTURE.
UDave. Tom Wolfe pointed out in the Millennial issue of Time that Hitler and Stalin were Fraternal, if Fratricidal, Socialist Collectivist STATIST TWINS. L.Neil Smith and other Libertarian writers have been doing the same since the 80s. And then there is F. Hayek's "Road to Serfdom" from back in the 40s. I no longer can accept the blatant lie of a "Left Right" LINEAR poliltical spectrum model. There is no, substantive, difference between The Leftist Collectivist and The NAZI (short for...wait on it....NATIONAL SOCIALISM"). The aims are the same, the methods, the principles, on the rhetoric is tweaked.
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