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Been fun, comrades. Thanks for the support. Night Cap Parthian Shot to RZoom. So are you arguing that if a Majority of Americans DO care it SHOULD MATTER? Would you make the same argument for NO AMNESTY or AGAINST ObamaCure The Final Solution? As to Reagan and The Fall--doesn't it bear the SAME relation as Pharaoh BO and "getting" Bin Laden? Will you extend the SAME logic to excusing W for 911 because "it was already happening". So is BO guilty of the First Ever BLACK Downgrade or not? Night.
I use this not in the Marxist sense, but in the sense of Barry Fitzgerald as "Mickaleen Og Flynn" in "The Quite Man". "Well, Sean, it's a nice, soft, night, so I think I'll go and join me [IRA] Comrades for a drink and talk a little Treason."
UBER DAVE! take it easy on DD, when the Trolls bring out the editorial "blue pencil" and start correcting spelling and grammar it's their version of the "surrender reflex" and means they concede they have no cogent rebuttal. Besides, hasn't he done a good job in the Role of the Intellectual Dwarf for the Rhetorical Dwarf tossing contest? Give him a hand everybody!!! THANKS, DD, come again to play anytime. And now, good night Comrades*
Just Updated. NOW DD is arguing that if Somebody has more than you and you TAKE it from him it is NOT ONLY "FAIR" it is "common sense"! The Observant Student will note that this is exactly the position Adolf Hitler took in "Mein Kampf" on the issue of "Leibenstraud" (living space) for the Reich. Poland and Russia had more so Germany should just go TAKE it. The Thoughtful Student will ponder if DD has just made an argument for American Manifest Destiny and the destruction of the AmerIndigeons?
The Thoughtful Student is invited to ponder Double D's premise that if somebody has more of something that you do it is a FAIR thing to TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM. How this would work out in Sport and on the Playground should be considered.
Rollin on the FLOOR with laughter! The Observant Student is invited to ponder by what cogency Double D thinks the demand for one set of documents is germane and another set is "moronic". The Thoughtful Student will ponder WHY Double D is apparently unaware of the HUMOR in his above comment.
The Observant Student will note that Double D's ever shifting ground of judgement NOW claims that ANYTHING a President did BEFORE he was president is none of our business, ONLY what he does IN OFFICE. Huh...wasn't Watergate part of the Reelection campaign? Is DD arguing CHEATING to get reelected is OK or NOT OK? Did slick Willie's rap es BEFORE office count--for that matter is it ONLY the Pres or is lying while Governor, say, not OK too? Was sexual preditoring an intern NOT ok because he was IN office? Speaking of doing things in office, didn't slick let OBL go? Didn't REAGAN bring down Soviet Communism? And BlackBO? FIRST EVER BLACK DOWNGRADE, baby!
The Thoughtful Student will ponder what, precisely, it is that makes Double D think HE is fit to judge a "fair share" of ANYTHING? Been going to Czar Night School Maybe, taking a course in being a Commissar?
2nd attempt to post this: So Double D thinks Mitt is no Mother Teresa. SURE you want to go THERE, DD? Mitt ain't the one assassinating Foreign Leaders, killing Americans without trial, Violating a Foreign Country TO assassinate a Foreign Leader---you know all that stuff that most of US approve of but that you commiequeers said was a "War Crime" when W did it. Far as I know MITT ain't kilt nobody yet.
So NOW Double D is arguing that not being a "normal" or "regular" guy disqualifies one from the Presidency. The Thoughtful Student will ponder how that would have worked for Camelot, or FDR's admin. At bottom, Double D seems to be arguing for a WEALTH test for Presidential Candidates. Interesting Constitutional move there, DD.
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