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Those Polls, That Biden

bglick4 Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 11:23 AM
"43% of those not planning on voting were registered Democrats and 14% Republican. " Basically, this poll seems to be saying that a greater percentage of registered Republicans plan on voting this year.

USA Today invested good money surveying people who are not going to vote in this year's elections.

Why? So they could find out how Barack Obama would do in November if everyone did vote.

According to this survey among the people who will not be voting Obama beats Mitt Romney 43% to 14%.

Yes, I know. There is a certain Alice-in-Wonderland aspect to all this, but let's keep going.

For instance the sample contained 351 people who were registered to vote, and registered with one of the two major parties, but said there was no more than...

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