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"Obamaphones"?! No. "Taxpayer-Phones"

bgilchrist Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 1:29 PM
She's just misinformed, just like a lot of people in this country are, Republicans AND Democrats.

Below, Guy posts the particularly distasteful footage of an Obama supporter extolling the glories of her "Obamaphone."  What she obviously doesn't understand is that it isn't an "Obama-phone" -- Obama didn't buy it for her.  You and I did.  It's a "Taxpayer-Phone."

The President has been expert at using taxpayer money to buy support, pay off supporters, or for overall self-glorification.  The examples are legion.  Here is the site for the now famous "Obamaphone" . . . with the handy, self-promoting web address of (note the program began in '08, but it wasn't...