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Amazing isn't it that there are still some "real" Americans left. So now the boobs have to counter protest with kiss ins. They'll get wild and crazy on the drugs they snort,then start freaking out. I hope Chik-fil-A owners have doubled up their insurance policies to cover the ensuing property destruction endorsed by Nancy Pelosi when the left starts their kiss in.
No way I'd go into the same restroom with a gay. I don't care to get hit up and he'd end up as pulp trying to do so.
Sid,you wrote to Anonymous15620 and they stuck my comment betwixt yours and his. You're absolutely right!
Every party has a pooper, you sound like my deceased ol' bugger Dad. Diehard Dummycrat all the way, career Army, and had a gay dude in his platoon whom he thought was the best soldier he had in his command. It's no doubt if alive today,he'd say it's just a dumb sandwich, too expensive, Bush caused all the uproar, and he'd rather eat at Burger King.
Wait'll the trolls find out that the team Obama/Holder needed an incident to drive home the need to disarm civilians in the USA. Oboy is on the cusp of 27 July signing of the U.N./Hillary gun treaty which effectively trashes the second amendment. Fast and Furious was a flop so like liberals do things, if something fails do it again and expect different results. So while the nation's attention is drawn to yet another massacre,Oboy quietly signs the treaty and once done he and Holder will light up and hoist a few laughing their butts off proclaiming,"We finally got the guns, now the real work begins to trash this country forevermore". Smell a rat here? You bet!
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ObamaCare's Unenforceable Linchpin

bgiansomo Wrote: Jul 19, 2012 10:49 AM
Maybe John Roberts had one up his sleeve that backfired on Kagan. Hah! He called Oboycare a tax but didn't say a thing about unenforceable by letting We the people find out for ourselves and knew we would as despised as Oboycare is.
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