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That's right on ! I traveled the I-5 corridor in California a year ago for the first time in a decade. What have the envirofreaks wrought? A valley once lush with growth and named the Salad Bowl of the World is now just blowing dust,weeds,and dead orchards with trees blackened from disease and lack of water. The envirofreaks always want to save the environment but their policies are the most destructive to that same environment that gives one the urge to strangle those fools who pass these stupid laws which cost jobs and destroy the landscape. There's no way there can be any justification for such a travesty in the name of global warming which these idiots believe is caused by farming. Oh yeah, and save a stupid fish that once ever gone will amount to what? Nothing!
Sebelius might as well stand up to the American people and admit that the ACA is a monster that should never have been passed as it's impossible to fix. Then like any other liberal Dummycrat resign and get out of Dodge thus passing the mess onto another incompetent who will also get swallowed in the ACA mire. The whole thing is like a Nova whereby it'll explode then the gravitational forces will become so great it'll collapse inward on itself to become a black hole from which nothing can escape thus it'll fade into nothing.
Evie is an example of hallmark liberal cowardice. Shoots her mouth off then runs away from opposition unable to stand up for what she believes although like all libs what she believes in is dumb. Look how the Dummycrats are running away from Oboycare after getting it passed and blocking any attempt to repeal. Let the Colorado Dummycrats go ahead and replace Evie with a another gun control freak it would then be appropriate for those trying to throw her out before she soiled her panties and jumped ship, to nail the successor and throw him or her out also. If the word goes out they're waiting to do so, no chicken liberal Dummycrat will want the job and Colorado is saved from more Dummycrat pillaging of the citizen's second amendment rights. Next throw 'em all out and repeal the laws after sending Hickenpooper to the unemployment office with the rest of them.
It'd be poetic justice if they did !
OK Georgia Boy,let's set you straight on us "PRO-GUN fruitcakes". The "fruitcakes" are the ones who break the law and commit the murders. I've been pro-gun all my life without incident and hope never to have to use my gun against another human being. My father who was career military, taught me discipline and safety in regards to firearms at a very young age. He was a flaming Dummycrat liberal by the way yet he still believed in self defense whether on the battlefield or at home. I guess being raised in such a responsible way no different than multitudes of law abiding gun owners raise their offspring, makes us all fruitcakes?? Get a life Georgia Boy, who's the fruitcake here??
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"Forward" to the Obama Layoffs

bgiansomo Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 10:15 AM
Within a year the stupids who voted for Oboy will be the loudest crybabies because they're having a worse time making ends meet than before. They voted for more failed Dummycrat policies along with Oboy's tyranny expecting different results. Young people marching the streets jubilantly shouting Karl Marx and Socialism are perfect examples of dumbed down America. These punks haven't the faintest idea what or who they're endorsing. They're up to their socks in hock for student loans and despite the years in college haven't learned a thing or got any smarter. We're in for a four year rougher ride with a budgetless government and a milquetoast congress which grew by 3 seats in the senate of more liberal failures.
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How to Repeal ObamaCare in January

bgiansomo Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 3:02 PM
Better idea. Judge Roberts said Obamacare is a tax. It passed the House first then the Senate. The SCOTUS decision that it's a tax means it has to return to the House because only the House can levy new taxes. Piece of cake, as taxes are just as easily repealed as they are passed.
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Saving Seniors from ObamaCare

bgiansomo Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 10:05 PM
What's the big deal about healthcare? It's not the government's job to be involved with health care in the first place. So junk or defund Obamacare and get out of Dodge already. Amen!
And his buddy Obama in drag.
Amazing isn't it that there are still some "real" Americans left. So now the boobs have to counter protest with kiss ins. They'll get wild and crazy on the drugs they snort,then start freaking out. I hope Chik-fil-A owners have doubled up their insurance policies to cover the ensuing property destruction endorsed by Nancy Pelosi when the left starts their kiss in.
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