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WTF! over. So many of the comments on this post claim to be "conservative" but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. You might actually believe you are conservative, but your logic and convoluted conversations give away your true agenda. IF it was wrong for a ANY president to implement an unfunded entitlement it was WRONG. To even bring this up where the current administration is doubling down on unfunded MANDATES means what? 4x the error means 4x the error not an excuse for your lame apologetic justifying Keynesian economics - look around the policy's are failing/have failed everywhere they have been tried. When you blame Bush to obliquely justify Obama - you are showing yourselves for who and what you really are.
I concur. I was told many years ago by an older business associate, " if a man is cheating on his wife - his first and most important relationship - it is just a matter of time until he "cheats" in his business dealings he has already shown he is not to be trusted." As the old joke goes - you wont sleep with me for $10 but you will for a million? OK then, now that we know who you are - all we have to do is settle on a price..............
notice the trolls.....everywhere.
Truly amazing at how many trolls are out there. The imagined mandate is non existent. The race was essentially equal in the popular vote. So when conservatives win - is that is also a mandate? Oh, I understand - the rules are different for the left than for the right. Heads I win tails you lose mentality. You underestimate who we are and as this progresses we will not let the opposition condescend nor dictate how or why we react to the rewriting of history or to dismantling of the country. Even if the odds become 1,000 to one - we are the producers - aka the givers NOT the takers. We can survive without the nanny state. We are American patriots not globalists. The purpose of the ruinous policy of debt is to destroy us NOT to help anyone.
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Barack Obama, Spin Master

bgavone Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 9:01 AM
the IQ of anyone who posits a rationale that their voting preference is based/ justified by another's comments rather than the performance of the politician is why we are in this mess. Basic knowledge of history and cause & effect are all that are necessary for even a third grader to make an informed decision. you can dream in one hand and fill the other hand with all of the platitudes (read: BS) of the incumbent and see which hand fills up first.............I'm sure if a stock broker were to have placed your life savings in companies like Solyndra,123 systems, GM (the company that got to short stockholders while enriching the unions) etc. would have you singing their praise as you headed to the soup lines.
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