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Are you sure about that? Cards usually means the voter registration cards. Voter registration cards will often return to the office filled out then office staff find that a card was mistakenly sent for someone who is dead. Now, does that mean a ghost filled out the registration and intends to vote? Of course not. It's a case of fraud. Someone has gotten the form, filled it out and intends to vote in the name of the dead person. If a bunch of those came in at one time on the last day to register, staff might be so busy many of them would slip through the cracks or they may not know the person isn't alive. Many don't have a database linked up with the registrars' offices indexing all who have died in the county for a decade.
Just make sure you don't choose a judge who is Democrat.
Not to be irreverant, maybe the dead raised up and went to vote. I hear many of them are registered and have voted for many years even though they are dead. Talk about hauntings!!! ;)
No, dumbo. They said they looked on both the census and board of elections websites.
Are you for real are do you really think anyone will believe you?
If you think voter fraud doesn't exist, you are the delusional one. What rock did you crawl from under?
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