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What are the Germans thinking. Because of Fukushima which led to no deaths and the radiation in their "exclusion zone" is no higher than the natural background radiation in Colorado, the Germans are ending nuclear power. The solar and wind power that they replaced it with are economic disasters. The coal fired power that they forced to use creates many more pre-mature deaths than nuclear or even the worst nuclear disaster ever at Chernobyl. The Germans are obviously not thinking straight when it comes to energy. If the US laws would change at least we could export LNG to Germany and China and perhaps clean up their air by a large margin.
If Obama would embrace the Romney Energy Plan the effect would be the creation of 3.6 million jobs.
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Video of MH17 Hit by Missile

bfouraker Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 5:07 AM
The plane looked flyable for at least several more miles if the damage and fire were restricted to the right engine and the wing. If the weapon threw off shrapnel at hypersonic speed there may have been damage to the hydraulics that we could not see. The question is did the plane suffer damage that you cannot tell from the video and if it did was that fatal. If the hydraulics were intact from the fire and the rate at which it was spreading, it would probably engulf the passenger compartment in about five minutes. Since there would be serious questions of what happened the three parties involved should have allowed a third party such as the FAA or US NTSA to investigate the crash and access the black box.
Matt, I hope that you are correct. Not having a highly contentious primary will better position Republicans to win the primaries against Democrats.
The voucher system combined with allowing interstate sales of health insurance policies and a no exclusion for pre-existing conditions clause would have done everything Obama Care would while replacing Medicare and Medicaid. It would have cost us less overall to do this. We need to have a simplified system that relies on private insurance.
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Is There a Climate Bubble?

bfouraker Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 8:24 AM
Let me understand that Artic Ice Sheet will be gone in 10 - 20 years yet this past winter (2013/14) it expanded 50% over the previous ten year average. Also 15% of the Great Lakes were still covered in ice going into May. There is nothing wrong with reducing carbon because we reduce other pollutants when it is reduced. The point is there are ways to move away from fossil fuels besides a carbon tax. If we went to a world using Gen IV reactors to generate electricity and every car was eventually a plug in hybrid with a 40 mile electric range, we would reduce carbon and other emissions by probably 50% or more. There will still be a large demand for oil supplies and the US is in a position to be the supplier of a large percentage of this oil. We need to develop these resources now.
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The Haves and Have-Nots Part II

bfouraker Wrote: Jun 21, 2014 1:14 PM
You do not target the super-rich, You target the government policies that allow this to happen. These policies have been skewed since Obama has taken office.
Between Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton, the theme for the "Democrat" Party should be "what difference does it make?" If you are working for your clients in this case its American people, if have their interest at heart you never respond with what difference does it make.
That ad had to the most misleading in campaign history; yet the Obama camp got away with it.
I think that most people forget that under George Bush's presidency that the deficit was decreasing through 2006. It shot up in 2007 after the Democrats took control of both houses. It then skyrocketed in 2008 and 2009 with the creation of TARP and the Porkulus (I meant to say Stimulus). The Obama budgets continue to operate at a deficit level that is 5 to 6 times the level of the 2006 deficit and close to twice the 2007 deficit. The administration does not understand why there is $5 to $7 trillion sitting on the sidelines plus another $11 to $17 trillion sitting in offshore that should be invested in American business. If all of this money was brought into play it could create tens of millions of well paying jobs. Those who want to tax the evil corporations instead of the citizens should remember what those taxes mean to you and me. They mean that when we use a corporations goods or services, we pay a higher price to cover the corporations taxes. The corporate tax is not a tax on corporations, it is a hidden tax on everyone that is embedded in every purchase that we make.
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