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The establishment want slaves (republican) and voters (democrats). We were founded as a nation of free men and we fought our most brutal war to extend that freedom to all. Now we're being whittled away by this collusion of selfish, entitled politicians. Time for another revolution, time for "reactionaries" to take over.
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Snitchgate -- Sharpton Is Still Lying

BFDOFR Wrote: 15 hours ago (9:55 AM)
Why, oh why is this pond scum still regarded as spokesperson for Black people while the insightful, thoughtful and brilliant Mr. Elder is barely known in the MSM?
Obama disgusts me. But, the problem of health care is very complex. I'm afraid there is no way out of massive government involvement, even knowing that means handing the progressives even more power. Remember, the driving force behind the Tea Party was NOT less government in general, but "keep government out of my Medicare".
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Government Can't Say No

BFDOFR Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 9:35 AM
Important article. I wish Speier and Lankford all the best. But, I agree that step one should be to eliminate the ALJ's. These pseudo-judges infest more than social security. We have them overturning disciplinary cases in state government. They work short hours, think themselves all-powerful and generally stand ready to hand out cash to any and all fakirs.
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A Republican Vision for Health Reform

BFDOFR Wrote: Apr 12, 2014 8:51 AM
Thought provoking. However, I think you missed a step. Democrats start their messaging with: health care is/should be a basic human right. That is their rationale for the government being the provider. Where should Republicans start? Unlike many of my fellow Republicans, I don't think the Constitution precludes government involvement; providing health care can be made to fit into the enumerated powers. But, I agree with the many below who note that government involvement is the cause of many of the problems, especially the high cost, of the current (both pre- and post-Ocare) system. On the other hand, it is also largely responsible for driving so much money into the system that medical innovation and advancements in care were created here in the first place. So, to me you have to start with, YES the federal government needs to do what it can to make sure every American has access to health care. That's a tough one to swallow and I wouldn't have started there 60 years ago when Medicare and Medicare were created. But, that's where we are now and we need to acknowledge it.
Step back, take a breath. Vote for the most conservative candidate you can find in the primary. But, whether that guy wins the nomination or not, vote for our candidate, or quit complaining about losing the country.
Bad example. O has already serviced P.
No, our problem is that the "base" stays home unless they get 100% of what they want. Romney would have won if the base had come out in force. 4 million Republicans didn't vote. Don't get me wrong, I had major problems with Romney and I have even more major problems with Jeb. But, I'll support our candidate because we can't have 8 more years of democrats beating us, or getting us to beat ourselves.
OK, I buy that. But, get ready my friend for equally strong feelings by other parts of "the base". I would vote for Rand Paul, but his semi-isolationist policies would almost keep from doing so. In fact, I don't see any of our potential candidates who have everything I want. So, when that day comes and our candidate is not perfect in your eyes, you better damned well swallow your perfectionism and vote for whomever we put up against Hillary or Cuomo. In the mean time, let's not call names on any Republican seeking the nomination.
I'll vote for him if he's the candidate, but I will NOT vote for him in the primary. He's the wrong choice, but I want to see someone emerge to lead us to victory. I don't think calling people RINO's and promising to boycott the election unless a particular person is our candidate is a very smart way for us to win back power in this country.
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