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The Foreign Policy of the Three Stooges

BFDOFR Wrote: 2 hours ago (10:32 AM)
One quibble. Don't downgrade the importance of killing Osama. That was huge. Of course, I don't buy that Obama gets credit for it, the hunt began and was culminated with policies put in place by Bush. Obama, from most reports, almost didn't give the green light thanks to the moron Valerie Jarret. Still, it was a landmark in the war on terror. We need a few million more and it'll be done.
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The New Black Male Can Be Conservative

BFDOFR Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 8:32 AM
"Jobs and opportunity are what most people want, including black males?" That may be true of most people, including most black men. But there is a large minority of people, disproportionately black men perhaps but still a very divers group, who want only more government, more handouts. Romney was right when he said, if you want free stuff vote for the other guy. Apparently, a majority did. Why aren't they happy now with their disability checks, food stamp EBT's and Obamacare? Because they will always want more free stuff. The only way to end that cycle is to cut off the free stuff. Anyone who does that will be very unpopular, but would be lauded by history.
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Obama Satire? Still Objectionable

BFDOFR Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 8:15 AM
Life's not fair. Get a helmet. In our case, the helmet will be the US Senate!
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Is Senator Hagan Getting Nervous?

BFDOFR Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 9:01 AM
King is right. And by that I mean correct and ideologically on the right wing, where I hope the US Senate will be starting next year. Will Republican control of both houses be Nirvana? Will everything turn in our favor then? Will leftism be banished? No, no and no. It will merely be a better place from which to fight than the one we're in now. This fight will last our lifetimes. There will be no easy victory, no sweeping return to fundamental, originalism. They took this country from us incrementally and that's the only way we can get it back. So, vote Republican no matter what in November. Just don't think it ends there.
When I worked on Meg's campaign, we focused on two negative issues for which Brown should have been held accountable, the Bridge and Oakland's budget. Those got no traction. Gloria Allred's ho-mama maid was far more important to the idiot California voters.
Useful idiot!
As an example, she recently stated that her re-set with Russia was a success. If she's really the smartest woman in the world, that could only mean that she intended it to strengthen Russia and weaken the USA. If, instead she meant to say that it worked to the USA's advantage, then she must be the stupidest woman in the world.
Mais oui, amigo. They were smarter. But Bush wasn't smart enough. He kept saying that Islam was a religion of peace. That showed is liberal tendency to want to see the world as he wished it to be rather than as it was. Obama, on the other hand seems either totally ignorant and incompetent, or extremely gifted and successful in a concerted effort to destroy the USA and further the cause of Islamism. I wonder which you believe.
How is it possible that so few Americans understand the facts you lay out? We had better wake up soon, bro.
As the father of two military sons, I agree. What I hear about how the Obama administration is doing to the military is truly frightening. That "compassionate" conservative, President Bush also gave in to the wimp/critics and too often tied the military's hands. But, with Obama it is a policy and a calling to weaken our military. I am pretty sure that it can survive the next couple of years and be ready to do its job if we get a real president. But, I don't know that it could survive 8 years of Hillary.
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