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Man Bites Dog…Likes the Taste

BFANCI Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 12:00 PM
Homeless dogs, or unwanted strays, are often euthanized and put into the food chain for other dogs, including the chemicals required to euthanize them. They do not normally get into the human food chain. I do not know much about genetically engineered food, but messing with Mother Nature has always been a call for some scientifically minded people. They clone dogs too, but I have not seen much in the news anymore about cloning, I think there's a glitch in it. There are so many IMPORTANT things like the HUGE DEBT and HUGE UNEMPLOYMENT this country is in, minor things ( to me) like this are insignificant!

The theater of the absurd that is our presidential election keeps chugging along with all the vigor our economy doesn’t. One can’t blame Democrats for attempting distraction upon distraction, given the alternative of talking about President Obama’s record.

After all, if it is indeed about the economy, stupid, the only votes there for Democrats are mindless drones who don’t care that nary an economic indicator has improved since Barack Obama took office $5 trillion in new debt ago.

Those of us with eyes open and an IQ above that of our shoe size can’t help but notice. The spin...