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Pravda Means Never Having to Tell the Truth

Beyond Category Wrote: Apr 14, 2013 8:52 AM
US Citizens and others who pay Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes have never had an accrued property right, a basis, or an earned right of the taxes they pay. Social Security is not an investment contract. Section 1104 of the 1935 Act, entitled "RESERVATION OF POWER," specifically said: "The right to alter, amend, or repeal any provision of this Act is hereby reserved to the Congress." Social Security benefits are not and never have been a contract between the government and the payers. The government has the exclusive power over the tax rate and the benefits paid out. See FLEMMING V. NESTOR 363 U.S. 603 for more information.

Optimista wrote: I don't like the reference to the 2% tax hike. That reduction was nothing but an Obama gimmick to spike spending. Knowing full well that it wood be taken away soon. It was being stolen from the SS budget which is strained as it is. I wish the conservatives would state it truthfully. It hurts credibility and confuses people not to mention the fodder it gives the liberal morons to argue with. - Occupy and Redistribute D.C

Dear Comrade Optimista,

And I don’t like your reference to Social Security as anything other than theft. In...