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Just keep parading your ignorance. it's hilarious.
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The Hillary-Warren Collision

Beyond Category Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 3:28 PM
A Clinton-Warren 2016 democratic presidential primary battle will be the ugliest in the nation's history.
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Run, Liz, Run!

Beyond Category Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 3:14 PM
It looks like the 2016 democratic presidential primaries will be the ugliest in the nation's history.
President Lee was a very successful President of the ROK, but he did not respond immediately to provocations from the DPRK. The ROK's current President, Park Geun-hye didn't let that happen to her. In the Winter-Spring of 2013 the DPRK gave provocation after provocation, President Park changed the rules of engagement and the order of battle. No longer would the ROK military wait around for orders when DPRK stirred up trouble. The ROK military now responds immediately and in force to any DPRK incursion or provocation. Perhaps there have been about 20 of these events since April 2013. In every case the ROK military responded immediately and in force, and the DPRK has left the field. You make good points about the regime of the DPRK. It has a gigantic army, but it cannot use it. It has weapons but it cannot use them. Beijing treats the DPRK like a potted plant while the ROK gets a free trade agreement and regular state visits. Relations between the ROK and the PRC have never been closer. The reduction in oil prices also makes the DPRK more dangerous. In 2013 and 2014 the government had to cancel large scale parades because it did not have the fuel on hand.
The First Amendment applies to government restricting the right of free speech, for "Congress shall make no law....prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech." Congress has passed no law. Private entities made the decision (which is both reasonable and rational) not to exhibit a movie. I respect the decision of these private entities, and indeed respect the right of all private business to make their own decisions. For this you brand brand me a communist. You should probably learn the difference between laissez-faire and communism.
In the wake of the Aurora Colorado shooting at a movie theater, exhibitors are rightly cautious about exhiting movies where threats exsit. Back in the 1950s the DPRK would send agents into Seoul and they would target movie theaters. A favorite tactic would be to roll hand granades down the ailes and kill as many people as possible. In 1983 the DPRK agents at Rangoon set off a bomb killing 21. In 1987 DPRK agents bombed a South Korean airliner killing over 100. In 2010 the DPRK sand the South Korean warship Cheonan and North Korea's shelled of Yeonpyeong Island. The DPRK has a history of violence and making good on its threats. And yet were told be people who should know better that these exhibitors are cowards or worse because they take a threat seriously from a regime known for making good on its threats and put the safety of their employees and their patrons above the so-called right to see a movie.
These theater chains probably cannot get terrorism insurance needed to protect themselves, so they quite rightly pulled the showings of the movie. DPRK agents planted a bomb on Korean Air Flight 858 on November 29 1987. When the bomb detonated everyone on board 104 passengers and 11 crew members, most of whom were South Koreans, were killed. That's the kind of regime we are dealing with. People should take these threats very seriously.
Article 2, section 3 gives the President the authority to convene both Houses. You understand that a constitutional amendment mandating that Congress end its session a after an election would not this lame duckery. If the session was over, the President would just call them back into session.
That's going to end well.
The last time Rolling Stone was relevant was Feb 4, 1971 when it published the second part of a John Lennon interview. It's been a long time Rolling Stone.
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