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I dare say that Moslems are the most narrow-minded, and racist people on earth!
I’m very much afraid that he has worn his race card out!
Not only is this an insult to the American people but it is an insult to the counties around the world from whom these poor victims are from! Japan, Jordan, Egypt to name a few. More to come I’m sure.
Never in all my life did I imagine that an American president would even remotely say any thing that would justify the behavior of any such brutal………..people. What is the world coming to?
Never in all my life did I imagine that an American president would even remotely say any thing that would justify the behavior of any such brutal………..people. What is the world coming to?
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10 Things to Know for Thursday

bevgrid Wrote: Feb 18, 2015 3:21 PM
10. WHO'S CROWNED AT WESTMINSTER Dogs are truly man's best friend. They are just made that way. I watch the dog shows when ever I can. I love beagles! Love to hear them bark!
WRONG! There is NO excuse for such barbarism! None! Never have so many American been victimized this way over seas. And are we strengthening homeland security? Really? Isn’t that being threatened with a threatening bribe to the GOP? One of the biggest threats to America now is the influx of aliens. Won’t this (must be), laps be something that the GOP will be blamed for? Another feather in the old cap? The latest thing I have read about is that (is) intends to sell organs of poor burned Christians. I worked at a Medical facility before I had to retire that among other things did all kings of transplants. I am no Dr. by any means but, there is NO WAY the organs of these poor victims could be used that way! How much money are they getting for this horrible, horrible, sham? What kind of nut case Dr. would do such a thing knowing that the patient will not survive for long? It’s all so SICKENING, SICKENING! These “Extremists Have "Legitimate Grievances"? God please help us all!
Sense the winters are becoming more brutal cities should become more prepared. Things like more massive snow melting machines would prevent having to dump dirty, salty snow into lakes and rivers. Wish we could someway use less salt. Someone should invent a drive over melting machine. We need big flashing red lights to automatically come on when there is a wreck to flash over the high ways to prevent those horrible pileups. They need better and up to date rescue equipment like those ambulance snowmobiles. And something that will zip around pilled up stranded cars. We need better devices to retrieve people from burning or flooded buildings and whatnot. Then too there are more of the damaging storms in the summers now. Money would be well spent on inventing and updating rescue equipment for different kinds of disasters. We need to build roofs that are steep enough that snow slide off of. There needs to be affordable homing devices for the poor and elderly in case the phones and electric goes out. May be a small affordable motor boat in the garage or somewhere would be practical in some cases. We can’t always depend on the National Guard. It takes a while for them to get out there. And one day they may be spread too thin. Besides, who knows what could happen now days?
Yes, same they. And who is next?
He's always saying stuff like that. It's as if he thinks we have minds like children and believe what we are told!
I have to say that if I were Jewish and lived in Europe I would really think about moving to Israel now especially if I had children. They’ve just killed 21 Coptic Christians the other day and it looks like more and more countries are being touched by these demons due to politically correct policies. Looks like ww3 may be on the way. I would plan my move as best as I could by taking plenty of time if I had it and go to Israel for a while first to set things up with home, job, and schools. They are very well up to date there with medicine technology, and whatnot. Then of course, I would sell what I needed to before the move. Israel wouldn't be a bad place to live. It's lovely.
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