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It looks like the gun was firing as the suspect was attempting to remove the officer’s gun from it’s holster with his right hand. Often gun and holster is naturally pushed with end upwards by victim to prevent attacker from removing gun from holster's top, knowing that death will follow. Then looks like suspect was about to come running from a distance to butt officer in stomach with head.
Then we will decide what can and what cannot be used in court. Like blood chemistry. "Has nothing to do with the case."
Well I just heard stated on a newscast that the only way Mr. Brown could have a shot in the top of his head is if he had surrendered. Not true! I hope this officer’s layers are paying close attention. Another major string of lawsuits will be in order in a while! Funny you don’t hear much about them but I have a feeling one is on the way in this case also.
Martin was trying to take Zimmeran's gun while telling him, (Zimmeran) that he was going to kill him. Brown was trying to take this officer's gun. So no doubt protecting your own life is acting stupidly now.
At the Martin hearing, so many had talked with the police about what they had seen and heard that night but would not appear or had a different story at the hearing.
By law only so much detail may be discussed before hearing. I Doubt detail will matter much at this point. This is part of America falling down. They will have to make room next to Trayvon 's hoodie for Mr. Brown's clothes at the Smithsonian.
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10 Things to Know for Wednesday

bevgrid Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 9:57 PM
ROBIN WILLIAMS – It’s hard to believe that someone who cheered so many was so sad. He could make humor at the drop of a hat. Needless to say, he will be missed! I’ve notice that a lot of people have been down and out lately. I don’t know if Mr. Williams used drugs or alcohol. I don’t know much about him. But some years ago I notice that among friend and coworkers, those who use drugs and alcohol were more alp to attempt suicide. But then too, most people who use drugs and alcohol do so to numb feelings caused by troubling lives. It says here in one of Charles Stanley’s books, The failure to control one’s behavior and the depression evident during drinking are reasons why the suicide rate of alcoholics has been found to be six to twenty times higher than that of the general population in various studies.- Jay Stacks Most suicides occur in April or May. December has the lowers number of suicides during the Thanks giving, Christmas and New Year holiday periods. Suicides occur most frequently on Friday and Monday. Sunday runs a strong third. Does God forgive suicide? Yes, He does. “Only one thing will keep us from heaven and that is our refusal to turn to Christ in faith and trust.” – Billy Graham Anyone who has suicidal thoughts please get help!
I don't think he will be able to live this one down.
Money is so tight now of all times what will we do with Oboma's thousands of legal immigrate children. They all need so much and they will always be his.
When I heard the word the first time a few years ago I thought they were talking about a dome made of iron! Wha, wha, wha.
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