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May be after this election there will be some improvements.
It’s like America is on a sinking ship knowing that there is on one to rescue us. You want to throw your arms up and scream, “Beam America up Scotty!” Or better still, “Come quickly Lord Jesus!”
With more going than I can list, ex. Isis, Putin, we have the longest no strategy war going on in our history in Afghanistan. We have the most massive invasion of illegally aliens pouring in then ever in our history, carrying just about everything known to man. “Bright lights,” streaking across the skies in California. Iran still cooking green soup, Korea still making threats under their breath just to name a few things. And who knows what will happen next, or what is going on that no one knows about yet but you know that something is, and now we are sending thousands of our troops there when nothing has been developed yet for immunity! Shouldn’t this have to go through congress?
I'm sure that Miss Pelosi is still multitasking even though she is no longer Speaker.
For years now the US has looked like bimbos with two or more heads. No one want's to get involved with us. Weak swaying bimbos, which way will we go ? Nobody knows. Do we even really understand what is going on?
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Arab League: We Condemn ISIS

bevgrid Wrote: Sep 08, 2014 9:25 PM
All you have to do is judge them by their past behavior. I don't see how they do as good as they do. They don't even believe each other.
It looks like the gun was firing as the suspect was attempting to remove the officer’s gun from it’s holster with his right hand. Often gun and holster is naturally pushed with end upwards by victim to prevent attacker from removing gun from holster's top, knowing that death will follow. Then looks like suspect was about to come running from a distance to butt officer in stomach with head.
Then we will decide what can and what cannot be used in court. Like blood chemistry. "Has nothing to do with the case."
Well I just heard stated on a newscast that the only way Mr. Brown could have a shot in the top of his head is if he had surrendered. Not true! I hope this officer’s layers are paying close attention. Another major string of lawsuits will be in order in a while! Funny you don’t hear much about them but I have a feeling one is on the way in this case also.
Martin was trying to take Zimmeran's gun while telling him, (Zimmeran) that he was going to kill him. Brown was trying to take this officer's gun. So no doubt protecting your own life is acting stupidly now.
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