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U.S. Strategy: Put More Women in Afghan Army

Beverly143 Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 9:17 AM
I guess we didn't learn any lessons from the Soviets. We had to experience it for ourselves, in what my wise father used to tell me, is the school of hard knocks. Afghani's live in the 9th century. There is loyalty to the tribe, not the country. No matter how long we're there we are not going to drag these people into the 21st century. Corruption is how the place works, not laws. Our troops should've been gone a long time ago. I hate seeing our blood spilled for ingrates of the highest caliber.
When NATO published a "media backgrounder" on Afghan security forces in October 2010, the U.S.-led alliance was adamant that as the Afghan National Army (ANA) grew to the point where it would be able to defend its own country, it would also need to increase the women in its ranks.

"This growth must result in an inclusive army," said the NATO document. "This requires future effort in building a cadre of female soldiers, as well as ensuring an ethnically balanced army. Currently there are 301 women in the ANA, of which 166 are officers."

A year later, The New York Times...