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Absolutely not! Only whites can be racist. (snark)
I totally agree. Putin is smoking Obama like a cheap cigar. Can anyone in their right mind actually see Biden as president? Really....
The Germans loved Hitler too. He brought Germany out of the global depression. Unfortunately he did it by preparing for a massive war. Maybe this is Putin's plan.
Yes and you do not need to explain yourself to liberals - you are not the 'jacka$$; whisperer',
Kind of like being on the range when the instructor says "fire at will".
My gun is the laziest gun around. It will not clean itself, it will not load itself, nor will it fire itself. It get so aggravated with it.
The only way to take out a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.
Thomas Jefferson.
Broken and stupid is more like it.
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Another Galling Betrayal

Beverly143 Wrote: Feb 18, 2014 8:59 AM
Afghanistan is not a country - it is a collection of tribes. Each of these tribes has their own ideas about Islam. Goats have more rights than women. How we expected to go in there and drag these people from the 7th Cen to the 21st Cen is beyond me. I say get all of our troops out NOW. Any equipment or buildings left behind needs to be razed or rendered useless. Tell the Afghanis (who begged for our help in the beginning) that if anyone from their country commits any act of terrorism against the US, the entire country will suffer. And then make it so. The ROE should be to kill anyone on sight. That may sound harsh, but that is what these people understand.
I call it the Bantam Rooster mind set.
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