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I don't understand how someone can know nothing about a scandal, and then turn around 5 seconds later and claim 'executive privilege'. The one not wanting the docs released most likely has something to hide. A lot of something to hide. Holder needs to be in prison.
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Success or Failure?

Beverly143 Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 8:12 AM
And some even like imitating them.
I think Giles knows that and that's why he offered them up as another example the twins could use their energy to bloviate on.
Or meet the 'approved talking points' crier.
Of course he dithered. It's what he does. Do you actually think he should he work? It's not his life on the line. I think he would probably wait months even it it was one of his own children. LOSER in every way.
What amazes me is the hubris by the Dept of Ed that it can set standards for the entire US. This is one agency that is overfunded and totally useless. The communists are attempting to rewrite history and dumb down (they've almost succeeded) the populace.
I agree. We are at war with these animals and they should be caught and tried under war crimes. If that's not possible, they should be hunted down with drones and executed on the spot. Since when does the FBI have jurisdiction in a foreign country. Where is the CIA?
Yes I believe he would. Didn't he say when the times got tough he would stand with the Muslims. People they are already here and hold important offices in the Obamao regime.
Why isn't Holder suing himself for people having to show ID to get into the DOJ bldgs?
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