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This Graph Says it All: “Spending is the Problem”

BettyeJo Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 6:43 PM
I think Rs know and understand that; it is the Ds that don't. The Ds think more government spending is the answer; I don't think any of them had Econ 101, or, if they did, it was taught by a liberal prof who believes in big government. The reason Romney got 3 million fewer votes are two-fold: 1. Obama's lies about Romeny being responsible for some woman's cancer death, etc., and 2. Obama giving away the farm to buy votes.

Anyone who believes that the president’s proposed tax hikes on “the rich” will save our country from insolvency is grossly mistaken, and should begin to educate themselves by examining the graph below. Whoa:


This isn’t the least bit surprising, of course. We’ve seen this coming for a very long time. Barring major cuts to entitlement spending the country will go bankrupt. It’s not a possibility -- it’s an absolute certainty. Which is why I find all the “negotiations” surrounding raising taxes on...