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People like us who own guns?? You mean law abiding gun owners that have no intention to harm anyone except to protect their families ?? OH THE HORROR. It's not us you need to worry about sport, it's the bad guys that own guns who you need to worry about, and you'd better have a way to protect yourself from them, or you're going to be just another victim....but you'll be a faithful liberal victim at least. You'll be victimized while holding on to your "ideals"
Actually no, they ruled it is a TAX. Something Obama and the idiots in Congress swore time and time again that it was not. They even argued that it was not a tax IN the Supreme Court. You were lied to by your god. He and the Democrats played you for the fools you are. How does it feel to realize you're nothing but a useful idiot as Lenin called people like you.
You mean in so much debt that they have to keep raising taxes to continue to fund the overspending? And still can't figure out why they keep going further in debt? Is that what we have to look forward to CL?? You libs really are dense aren't you? You failed math in school didn't you?
I don't think she was implying that ALL of them were born to illegal aliens. It was a question to find out , of that number, how many were born to illegal aliens. Try reading comprehension, it might do you some good in the future. jus sayin
LOL, sounds good. I was born in CA, that must automatically make us part Hispanic. ;)
When I'm asked to state my race on any form or by a survey taker, I answer Human. It really pisses them off lol
Exactly Marie. I'm sick and tired of people that claim to support inclusiveness constantly classifying people by archaic racial definitions based on the color of ones skin. There is only one race on this planet, Human.
Damn, simple and yet says so much, love that way of looking at liberals Charles. Good show ole' boy, cheerio!
strawman they've created by claiming those "evil dastardly" Republicans are trying to take away women's rights, r.e. contraceptives. This is what the Left ALWAYS does in an argument. It's an age old tactic with them,going all the way back to Lenin and Marx.
Exactly. During this entire made up controversy, r.e. a problem with access to contraceptives, the facts of the matter are completely ignored by the left. Contraceptives are not only abundantly available to any woman that wants them, this thing about religious organizations being forced to pay for it has not one thing to do with denying any woman the right to obtain contraceptives. No one is advocating denial of these drugs to women, the debate is about forcing a group that considers abortion a mortal sin against God, IS and always has been the central issue. The Left is using the straw-man argument to great effect, or was for awhile , in this debate. The actual issue has been ignored and they are trying to steer the debate towards the
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