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Can You Imagine King George III Telling Our Nation’s Founders They Couldn’t Have Muskets?

Berniefeh Wrote: Jan 06, 2013 3:39 PM
If you have moments like that, Auntie, you shouldn't have a gun. I have been shooting for 64 years, since I was six years old and received instructions from my grandfather. I have never even considered shooting anyone until this week when I interrupted someone trying to break into my car. When he saw my gun (legal concealed carry), he took off running. I found it very interesting that, because of my reading, training and mental review of those kind of situations, I was very calm and had the situation fully under control. Not all of us snap or lose touch with our moral code.

Don’t you love how the Left and their step-n-fetch media mavens are trying to make law-abiding gun owners the bad guys? You don’t? Yeah, me neither.

From Hollywood’s heavily armed guarded elite to the radical, anti-gun commie rag Journal News, peaceful and upright average Joes are being isolated and concentrated on as the bane of America’s existence just because we righteously and lawfully keep and bear arms.

Hollywood has even cobbled together a little tsk-tsk black and white video demanding our government do something about gun violence. That would be the very gun violence they have glamorized on the big screen...