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Obama Is Not a Deficit Hawk. He's Just a Keynesian

Bernie25 Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 4:17 PM
The funny thing about Obama is that he makes everybody think he is for them and does the opposite that needs to be done and will never take responsibility for what he does. He doesn't want the responsibility of running the country, he wants to transform us in to a Marxist socialist country. That is why he wants our guns, destroy the military, tear down our economic system. He is playing the same wicked game Joseph Stalin played by starving people, killing all the farmers so there will be no food supply but yet all these idiots who follow him are going to be the clowns who are hit the hardest.
Over at Investors Business Daily, Jed Graham writes about "the deficit chart that should embarrass budget hawks," which shows that the federal deficit has been shrinking in the last two years and is projected to shrink further this year:

Graham writes that the draw-down in federal spending puts a precarious economic recovery at risk. That's certainly a take in line with conventional Keynesian economic analysis - the Congressional Budget Office has similarly projected this year's sequester to knock 0.6% off of projected GDP growth and cost 750,000 jobs by the end of the...