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What, would he save Putin if he were drowning, what about this country you are drowning obummer maybe you should try and save the U.S.of A.Maybe the truth is you do not know how to swim.
This is really a B.S. news article who cares if clinton is knocked up,trying to still make hero's out of nothing, yuk.
Well he will have to have slackjaw Kerry to fig. out a new sanction against the Russians what a spineless administration we have, I am so ashamed of this so called leadership we are under what a disgrace, to our beloved country.
All folks that think the B.L.M. is correct go to the U.S. Constitution and read , Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17 , Have a great day America.
Maybe you should stay out of our stuff, the top cop is an @$$ that is above the law.
Use birth control you stupid lib.
All this proves is obummer is a winnie arm and Joes got his nose a long ways up obummers @$$.
Sounds to me he is being RACIST, oh no can blacks be a Racist or is it only for white crackers.
How about red China, or Moscow, or the site of the concentration camp of Ebensee, in Austria.
Well Johnny boy looks like there will be no reason for you to try and get reelected as your political cord is about ready to be cut, HaHaHaHa.
What are they going to do, doupe his face in a Jap zero bombing Pearl Harbor.
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