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I thought street walking was against the law.
Quit whining make another stupid commercial you will come out of it.
He should be able to he looks at one every morning in the morning when he shaves.
What a sorry bunch of @$$hole's
Keep everyone stoned then they won't care what this so called President clown is up to.
John Kerry in my way of thinking is a dope smoking idiot.
He bowed down because he is mostly Arab not a blk man as folks thought, he is a commie, muslim loving muslim that needs to be thrown out of office as a traitor and a terrorist to the United States Of America.
Wonder what the good folks of Calif, thought Frisco Freddie and his rump rangers would do anyway.
Just going to give gang bangers more targets.
All I can say any more if you want my guns come and get them then you will find out what real arm's control is.
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