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I used to have some respect for Joe Biden. I ALWAYS considered him a real DOPE but, I did respect him as a person based on his unfortunate loss early on and his rather "goofy" grin! He really ought to be ashamed of himself for being the Vice President of the most corrupt, insincere, and total failure Administration in U.S. history. He has now stooped SO LOW on this insult of Paul Ryan that, as in Hillary Clinton's own words to BO during the '08 campaign, "Shame on you Joe Biden". I am SURE YOUR father is SO proud of you now!!!!!!!!!!!!
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RNC Chair to Reid: Dirty Liar

Bernard89 Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 7:31 AM
Let's see now, Harry (punching bag) Reid, retired boxer (I hear from an unnamed source Harry lost ALL of his 57 fights with blind midgets) Boxer goes to Congress with nary a penny to his name and viola, ends up a MAJOR Land Baron and multi millionaire as the Senator of Nevada . Word is he got REAL Lucky on the penny slots while on Senate recess while, his Nevada constituents are suffering the WORST economic times in the United States; 14.9 unemployment, massive home foreclosures, etc. So, what can he do to help his OWN base of Voters? Geez, the poor guy is ONLY the U.S. Senate Majority leader!!!! So the word is out from an undisclosed source that, Harry is moonlighting for the "GRATE ONE" - playing "lie for dollars".
We the People are being exposed to the lowest of slimbag attempts to "fool" us into believing the MOST outrageous, desperate, lies and false attacks from the leaders of the Democratic Party. But then again, check out how OB " won" all his "other" election in Chicago!!!! For Sen (sleezey) Reed, the head of the U.S. Senate, supposedly the "respected leader" of the U.S. Senate, accuses Mitt Romney of not paying taxes for ten years, based on a "rumor" he heard from an "undisclosable source" is the lowest of the low. In addition, for the Democratic Party to berate Mrs. Romney's horse, used as therapy for a serious medical condition (by the way, paid for buy the Romneys PRIVATE funds) in a derogatory AD is BELOW SLIM!!!!
I cannot believe the the Jewish people in this Country are actually willing to throw their brethren "under the bus" and plan to vote for the MOST PUBLICLY anti Israel president this Country has ever had!!!! I am NOT Jewish but, I have spent a number of years travelling to Israel and getting to know the people there and the unbelievable challenges they face day to day. Whether in Tel Aviv, Haifa, or Jerusalem, these brave people fight to survive EVERY DAY. I am totally disgusted with the Jews in this Country who profess to be Jewish, continue to ignore how much danger their brethren in Israel are, when our own President is the MOST PRO Islamic, Palestinian loving, Israeli leader bashing representative the American people have had
The Dems will do ANYTHING to lie and cheat. I suppose if we made an AD showing Michelle's fat butt as she lectured us all on how to keep healthy, the Dems would be TOTALLY spassed out and it would be on ALL the "major propaganda networks" 24 hours a day.
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