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The Best Reason to Vote Against Obama: Self-Defense

Bernard83 Wrote: May 03, 2012 7:52 AM
John, John, John...The answer to your dumb question... If we won’t think about what is best for ourselves, who is going to do that for us? Axelrod, Obama? Is yes and the only reason you and many others are not already standing in awe at the astounding results of the last 3 years is either because you are unbelievers or because stubborn conservative republicans in the house and senate have stood four square against every initiative and policy the 0bama admin has tried to advance. In his second term with no election looming he will end run congress and enact all of his wonderful policies and the seas will recede the air will clear the water will run pure & clean in our rivers, lions will lie down with the lambs, spears will be beaten into

When a U.S. Senator and a sitting governor from your own party won’t say if they support the reelection bid of the incumbent president from their party, well, that’s a political party that is verging into Jimmy Carter territory.

Party-wise that is.

Carter faced an insurgent bid from Hubert Humphrey progressives in his own party while vying for a second term as president. The result was a nasty primary contest that spilled into the Democrat National Convention in 1980.

And while the roles this time are reversed with incumbent Obama playing the part of insurgent progressive against the rest of us,...