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They can always volunteer as targets...
With Putin, it's "Let's Kick @$$".
Like "your people" never use derogatory racial sluts against other ethnicities!!??
Check your own comments first, race obsessed low life punk. Love dishing it out but can't take it. I have encountered more than my fair share of scumbags like you. BTW, probably much to your surprise, I am not white. Then again, according to your logic, only whites can be racist, huh. The only good liberal is a dead liberal. Same goes for racist, of whatever color...
Should have changed his / her name to vibrator already, right?
Newsflash, your race card has already exceeded its limits and will be cut up. Your "d-u-m-b b-i-t-c-h" card is obnixiously amusing, though, like the French.
No offense, but based on my own experience ( I am a Canadian citizen, got my 2 degrees in the STEM fields in the States and had worked for a while on temporary visas ), the US Immigration policy is a crapshoot rather than meritocracy based. To make the long story short, I was screwed out of the chance to even apply for green card. That explains the mess you are in now and yet nobody seems to have the brains and the balls to change the system the right way ( temporary migrant worker program, point-scoring system for prospective immigrants, etc ).
Speak for yourself then. Or don't you have any mirrors at home. You're probably a vampire, figures.
White bashing is your full-time job?
You do just that, show your own community how stupid you are.
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