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The Republicans' Primary Problem

beowulfe Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 9:42 AM
rgama: 70% of convicted felons vote for Democrats (where they're allowed to vote). Why is that?
rgama Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 9:44 AM
Trying to win the prize for the most irrelevant point of the day?

Are you quoting Britbart again?

Earl29 Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 9:48 AM
beowulfe Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 9:49 AM
Nope. Quoting DNC operatives:
tgwWhale Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 10:04 AM
It is not irrelevant that evil people tend to vote Dim.
talltexanoilfieldtrash Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 10:31 AM
Insane people vote dimocrat. To continue doing the same thing expecting different results ( to paraphrase Einstein) is insanity.

Having just lost an election, many Republicans are anxious to remake our party in the image of Democrats. The theory seems to be that whatever we're doing isn't working, so we better change everything.

But in fact, whatever Republicans did in 2012 -- other than an overly long primary fight -- worked amazingly well, given the circumstances.

In a detailed analysis of the 2012 election, William A. Galston, a fellow with the liberal Brookings Institution, makes a number of fascinating observations that Republicans would do well to consider before embracing amnesty, abortion, gay marriage and Beyonce.

In my...