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Obama's Budget: Tax Hikes for the Rich, Tax Hikes for the Poor, Defense Cuts for Everyone

beowulfe Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 3:58 PM
rauljg69 Wrote: 33 minutes ago (3:08 PM) "The Obama Administration proposes to cut almost $300 million dollars from the Environmental Protection Agency's budget and cuts $200 million from the Treasury Department." ---------------- That $296 billion "cut" to the EPA (enacted budget...actual outlays were much higher, by the way...50% higher last year alone) is still an increase of 7% since Obama took office. And you flat out lied about the Treasury cuts. From the president's budget: "To support Treasury’s mission, the President’s Budget provides $14.2 billion; a 7.7 percent increase above the 2012 enacted level." Meanwhile, private sector salaries that are taxed to pay for this budget have fallen by about 10% since 2009.
ewscroggins Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 4:36 PM
That 10% is mostly an approximation, I believe that the real number's are higher. For instance, the mill where my wife worked for almost 4 years laid over 300 worker's off at once. Her pay at that point was $17.00/hr when they re-opened a few months later, they hired back about 90 workers at a 30% pay reduction. My wife would have started out at $12.00/hr, that's a huge pay cut when she was providing half of our household income and we were just getting by as it was.

President Obama belatedly sent his 2014 budget proposal up to Capitol Hill today, containing $3.77 trillion in spending for next year and tax hikes that will affect both rich and poor alike. All told, deficits would still total over $700 billion next year under President Obama's budget proposal.

In his press conference, President Obama claimed that his spending increases will be "targeted investments in areas that will create jobs right now." The President rejected the choice between jobs investment and falling deficits, saying that "our deficits are already falling" and that "my budget will reduce deficits by another...