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Obama at Hofstra: Relatively Alert, Ergo Big Winner

beowulfe Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 9:16 AM
DwightMann Wrote: 19 minutes ago (8:55 AM) It is easy writing to bash Øbama. Supporting a candidate like Romney is just as vile, albeit not as vile as Øbama. I am so glad that I am not actively involved in politics these days, as it would dirty my morals and ethics, and spiritual demeanor. -------------- That, of course, begs the question of what you're doing here on a freakin' POLITICAL BLOG, you twit!

The best question at the second presidential debate came from Michael Jones, an African-American who said: "Mr. President, I voted for you in 2008. What have you done or accomplished to earn my vote in 2012? I'm not that optimistic, as I was in 2008. Most things I need for everyday living are very expensive."

To which Obama said: "Are you my half-brother?"

Actually, all Obama could say was that he had ended the war in Iraq (while pointlessly escalating the war in Afghanistan) and that Osama bin Laden is dead (and so is...